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31 January 2014

Culture, leadership hold key to success

While leaders are the driving force in the corporate world, culture shapes the organisations that they run, says Caroline Lim

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Seatrade (Page 33)
March 2014

Caroline in Wonderland

Caroline Lim, PSA's head of HR and corporate affairs, reveals herself not only as a gifted storyteller and something of a management guru but also an accomplished illustrator in her debut book 'Wonderland, Through Caroline's Looking Glass...' published in late 2013.

The book's structure is a modern take on the famous Alice story, with Caroline falling asleep during a business flight and dreaming she is transported to a world of 'cold and utilitarian' bureaucracy. Here she weaves her way among a cast of characters from the original Lewis Carroll tale – now reimagined as a dysfunctional corporate workforce. 'Luckily the HR heroine steps in to save the day,' summarises Singapore's Straits Times in its review of the book, 'by facilitating communication and improving workplace morale.'

Plenty of top tips from renowned management theorists are dispensed in the process, making this an amusing yet informative read even for serious-minded MBA students. For further details, or to order copies, see

Interview 938LIVE
18 March 2014

Caroline Lim was interviewed by Michelle Martin on "Women of Worth" on Singapore radio station 938LIVE on 18 March 2014.

Click here to download and listen to the podcast interview.

I finally took a day out last weekend, and sat down to read your book. Right through, every word, uninterrupted and plenty of time to take in the experience. Firstly, let me congratulate you on producing your book. It is a wonderful thing, nice to hold, nice to read, well-told, well-illustrated, and overall, very satisfying. So congratulations! You have done an excellent job with it.

As a management consultant, when I was reading I couldn’t avoid weighing the advice given in the boxes, thinking whether it is good and sensible, and will deliver the desired results. It wasn’t my plan to do that, but I guess it’s just something that I do subconsciously. Maybe it has to do with my scientific training, to question everything and form my own opinion, supported by facts? Anyway, your book passed all of the tests easily. I agree with every one of the Tips, Tools and Traps, and I like how you have written them. They are so clear and concise, and should be easy to follow. Anyone who follows your advice will do extremely well!

I like how your main story plays out. In consulting or change management, we always start out with a bit of a muddle. We can see and recognise some things, while other things are confusing, and it takes time to find our place, and figure out how it all works and fits together. We have some ideas about what is good and what is not, and have some idea of where we should go. Gradually, by smart thinking, hard work and trial-and-error, things slot into place, you figure out who plays what role, and what needs to happen, so you can transform things for the better.

Finally, I love how your honesty and commitment, personal touch and kindness, and experience and wisdom comes through in the book. We all know about your hard work, your genuine concern and care for people and organisations, and your ability to get things done. It’s good to have that combined with your artistic and creative talents, and captured for us in your book!

Congratulations again! I wish your book (and, of course, you) every well-deserved success. And I hope all is well there, as it is here.

David Stuteley, Former Partner
Ernst and Young Global Client Consulting

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