"This book provides valuable insight and techniques for overcoming the challenges we face daily as 'agents of change' – which I believe all managers must be, in our fast-changing global economy. The story is a clever way of addressing some of the organisational challenges that many in business face, particularly if the reader has met with resistance to change. And the tips, tools and traps are most informative. Many of the challenges ring true to those I have faced. Wonderland is a most enjoyable read. Keeps you coming back for more!"

Fergus Gregory, Managing Director - Advertising
Lloyd's List and Containerisation International,
Lloyd's Loading List.com, Agrow, Food News

"There is no doubt that this book and the discussions enabled by it will aid the HR professional in becoming a more effective internal coach for her/his CEO, Chairman, Board, etc. I believe the book will also have broader appeal to other managers and executives who either want to make change happen or are tasked with change management responsibilities.

The concept is fun and familiar – and provides a very versatile platform for the serious messaging around change and transformation.

The text boxes are gems – filled with a lot of wisdom – and can be used for discussion sessions or even assignments and experience-sharing among trainees.

This book can be used as a vehicle for discussing transformation with HR leaders – and eventually with C-level executives who are the ones who probably need the most help in such situations."

Tom Manning, Faculty Lecturer
University of Chicago Law School

"Wonderland is a great story. I love the weaving of the organisation development theme into the fairy tale. It is done seamlessly and with many clever puns. Now I really know what it means to be a bad egg."

Ignatius Low, News Editor
The Straits Times

"Caroline's first book (of what is hopefully many!) is a true joy to read. Packed with insightful lessons and perspectives gleaned from her storied and illustrious career, it is a true boon to any professional seeking effective ways to lead and manage teams in today's working environment. At the same time, it surpasses so many of the run-of-the-mill how-to guides on offer today by delivering these lessons in a lyrical tale that appeals to people of all ages, beautifully illustrated by the author herself. In fact, the drawings and illustrations are worth the price of the book themselves! It is a rare literary gem these days that can be a treat to read for everyone, and Caroline's book is one such offering. Highly recommended for everyone, from ages 5 to 105 indeed!"

Nicholas Fang, Executive Director
Singapore Institute of International Affairs
Nominated Member of Parliament

"Wonderland contains a thoughtful mix of fairy tale and management materials; amid the delightful fantasy, we come face to face with challenges that culture change champions grapple with in the real world.

Its gamut of tips, tools and traps, pithy yet practical, will help any change agent navigate the minefields of corporate culture change. The fact that it is generously and artfully illustrated and immaculately produced adds to its allure.

To sum up, Wonderland is simply wonderful ... serious yet fun, profound yet accessible, with a touch of class and humility!"

Goh Mia Hock, Head Group Process Excellence
PSA International

Straits Times
Down the rabbit hole for lessons in management
HR veteran shares tips in her book, styled as a classic fairy tale

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Source: The Straits Times ©Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Permission required for reproduction.

By Fiona Chan, Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.

Maritime CEO News
Caroline Lim: Wonderland book launch

Singapore: This Saturday sees the launch of an inspirational book at a plush gallery about in-house leadership from one of the top names at Singaporean terminal operator, PSA.

Caroline Lim is head of PSA's human resources and corporate affairs, her illustrated book, Wonderland, Through Caroline’s Looking Glass, has seen her burning the midnight oil for much of the past 12 months on her debut oeuvre. Not only did she write it, but also all the illustrations are her own too.

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Maritime CEO

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