A fascinating and insightful take on corporate culture, change and leadership. Comprehensively packaged in a delightful and anecdotal read. Caroline's looking glass reveals a true wonderland. Essential reading for today's multi national corporate leaders.

A tip and a tool for the traps of success!

Jon Spencer, MD

With Caroline's extensive experience in HR, I am delighted that she is sharing her wisdom with those who want to make a difference to people and their organisations through her book, Wonderland, with each illustration beautifully drawn by her.

The story is deeply enriching; so full of Caroline's personal experiences culled from more than three decades of applying all that has been written, not just words. That is true worth of a good book.

Having worked in Caroline's team for an extensive time, I can see the qualities that inspire me most about her leadership being conveyed in Wonderland. The tenacity to overcome challenges... to right what is wrong, and championing the cause of the underdog... the passion and authenticity.

Wonderland -- what has been written, works. I know, because I have seen Caroline work her magic for over 20 years and I am still learning from her. I know many others can do so too through the rich gems they uncover in Wonderland.

June Koh, Assistant Vice President (Group Human Resource)
PSA International

Wonderland takes you on a whimsical journey through the most surrealistic approach. Expressively written and beautifully illustrated, it puts your imagination on overdrive.

The thought-provoking Tips, Tools and Traps provide management solutions and serve as practical guides useful for change and shaping the future. Wonderland dispels the age-old myth of 'People or Bottomline', an essential for businesses and any entity consisting of more than one person.

A visual delight replete with captivating illustrations,it appeals to the young, the learning, the savvy and the experienced.

Wonderland is a reality that workplaces can become. We have tasted it and can attest that the nuggets therein are worth adopting.

Like the author, the book is one-of-a-kind as it changes paradigms and inspires the Leader and Manager in us, ignites the Change Champion in us, informs the HR expert in us and excites the child in us.

Passionate, caring, frank and authentic, Caroline inspires us with the art and science of Leadership, and her dynamism and energy in expounding why we do what we do.

Group HR & Group Corporate Affairs Teams
PSA International

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Ports giant picks James Bond theme for a cracker of a Christmas bash.

ONE of the vexing characteristics of the holiday season is a kind of sameness: every year the same jingles, the same type of movies and planes packed with families going to the same places.

PSA head of human resources and corporate affairs Caroline Lim may have had an antidote to this in mind with an annual Christmas party typically scheduled at the cusp of the season before the onslaught begins.

Attended by about 50 journalists and media professionals — some flown in all the way from London — the party strikes an original theme each year that the staff begins brainstorming for ...

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