"This book is about Caroline, who loves Easter. She then falls into a hole and a whole new thing happens!

The story takes place in Eggland. This book is a Fantasy book.

I found this book on my living room table and I just picked it up and started reading the first few pages. It was dedicated to my family and it was a signed copy by the author.

I really like this book because it has one character who changes in the end of the story and that character is Humpty. Humpty makes the story better by at least changing his mind to treat his employees better. There is one part of the book that had some intimidation at a point where D-8 shouted at one of the fairies and said, “You there! Don’t just stand there and gawk. Start packing the eggs and no stopping!”

Caroline is a very caring character as she was always worries for the fairies, elves and bunnies because they were at the sick bay. She has a lot of emotions too. She agreed with a dumpty who was not working at Humpty’s company. Humpty’s company is a horrible place.

Humpty is another character I am going to talk about. He is my personal favourite character in the story. In my class, we once talked about how a character’s feelings and emotions can change and Humpty changed his whole mind after seeing Caroline, Bradley (The bunny), and some fairies and elves too. They were all building up a factory called Great Eggspectations.

I would recommend this book to all my classmates and maybe my teacher, Mrs Abidin, could read it to the class. I find this book too precious as there are many activities found at the back of the book and I have only one copy of this book. I have read one other book written by the same author and I find that she is fond of the classic Alice in Wonderland. I hope those who read it will enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you for reading my reading response."

Hakin Sivakumar, Student

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