An allegory with corporate messages, "Wonderland Through Caroline's Looking Glass" speaks to leaders, change agents and anyone interested in organizational culture change. It shares some of my real-life experiences, encapsulating lessons learnt over 30 years of transformational HR in Asian, European and American-headquartered multi-national companies.

The entire work is presented in an illustrated form reminiscent of a children's story book. Borrowing some characters from "Alice in Wonderland", Wonderland weaves together culture change journeys relevant to many organizations. The result is a management guide book with a difference. I hope that readers will easily identify with the imaginary world representing modern workplaces, while in parallel draw meaning and applications therein.

Why use a fairy tale as an allegory for such a serious and formidable topic as corporate culture change? Because culture change requires determination, discipline and perseverance, but one often forgets that creativity, fun and an ability to deal with the unexpected (so bountifully present in this fairy tale) are critical ingredients in the potent mix for success!

It is my hope that change agents will enjoy both the fictional yarn and the accompanying practical guidance. Alongside the main allegorical tale, side-boxes of Tips, Tools and Traps offer pragmatic wisdom – Tips being advice on what works; Tools being specific applications; and Traps being pitfalls to avoid. Wonderland expresses the belief that the ideal workplace is where you look forward to going when you wake up every morning, a dreamland where the balance of work and play engenders the best outcome for the organization and greatest satisfaction for the individual.

Too good to be true? Get a glimpse of Wonderland ... through my looking glass.

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