A very engaging book indeed! Interesting & educational.

There are many parts of the book that I like and can learn from, one of which is to be aware of confirmation bias trap. The human mind is subconsciously selective, seeking to confirm our beliefs when we gather information or even when we ask questions. The Black Queen is an extreme manifestation of how we tend to dismiss people who do not agree with us. The ability to recognise the merits of alternative views and stay open to feedback are a few important qualities that a good leader should possess.

Caroline, thank you for your valuable teaching.

Ng Boon Teck, Manager (Group Operations Development)
PSA International

Having had the privilege to work for Caroline in a previous position, I can personally attest that this uniquely designed and beautifully crafted book is much like its author -- full of substance and replete with style! Apart from the bespoke illustrations and creative narrative, I particularly enjoyed the boxes of "Tips", "Tools", and "Traps", which contain practical nuggets of wisdom and insight with regards to the best HR practices that are applicable across all organizations and industries. Caroline is a dynamic thought-leader who walks the talk to win hearts and minds, and anyone in a management position will certainly benefit from reading her book!

Joanne Lim, Founder/Creative Director
The Right Perspective

An excellent insight no one dares to look into. A must-read for those keen to set the right tone and mood of a company besides understanding people engagement. You have filled a big vacuum, thanks much.

David Bian

Reading Wonderland is quite a joy for me. It is beautifully illustrated and cleverly packed with usable ideas. It is also about passion, imagination and the courage to see these through.

Albert Chan, Regional Managing Director
Kepner-Tregoe Inc.

Congratulations Caroline!

The insights are indeed catchy and stimulating for anyone who is interested in taking the role as gamechanger to bring about a new era of human capital management, engagement and retention.

Indeed, it is people who makes a difference to our Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss.

A must read book!

Christine Sim, Director, HR Consulting
PrimeStaff Management Services Pte Ltd

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