Great Eggspectations is Caroline Lim's second book – an enchanted wonderland for children, with a storyline and activities designed to illuminate little minds with the potential of what could be. Along with her trademark whimsical illustrations and endearing characters, Caroline seeks to tickle fancy, nurture creativity, fire the imagination and stretch the limits of possibility.

On a personal note, Great Eggspectations has been an inspiring and fulfilling endeavour for Caroline. As a parent herself, she believes that the shaping of character is key in the young, and she uses the power of storytelling and imagery to bring to life the traits of independence, courage, integrity, perseverance and curiosity. She believes that for the young to realise that they can make a difference in the world, they each need to have great expectations – to dream big, give of their best, love people and never lose their sense of wonder.

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