It’s hard to stop when you have been bitten by the book-bug! And that seems to be the case with me, as I publish this fourth book, after Wonderland, Great Eggspectations and Huetopia.

As you delve into Beastopia, it is unlikely to escape your notice that this illustrated colouring book is an homage to fashion and fauna with flair, both the furred and feathered. I do hope that this unlikely pairing of animals in “hot” couture will give you as many hours of pleasure in the colouring, as I enjoyed in its creation.

And it is the joy taken from simple pleasures that this book celebrates... the love of family and friends, the courage to create, freedom to imagine and the audacity to find humour in the most unexpected of places! So bring these pages to life, with your creativity and colour.

Many people have helped me through my journey in producing these four books. Some gave generously towards the charitable causes my book sales supported, while others contributed ideas or devoted time and effort in their production. A great many gave words of encouragement, which kept my sprits bouyed during the long months it took to illustrate these pages. I could have simply listed down their names but rather than that, I opted for something a little less conventional...

I invite you now to search the illustrations within, for the places where I have acknowledged these individuals, some explicitly by name and others more subtly by their initials. To these great friends and supporters, I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you, for being there for me and helping to make my vision of Beastopia a reality.

Do enjoy!

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